Sunday, August 24, 2008

Thesis Redux

I have been going over my thesis novel, The General's Son. Again. For the elevendyhundreth time.

Now, mind you, as a thesis, it did its job. I am now the proud recepient of a Master of Arts in Writing Popular Fiction from Seton Hill University, my long ago undergraduate alma mater.

I have just printed the entire thing out and I am going over the entire story page-by-page.
You see, I have been away from the story for two months and it is giving me a whole new perspective. Phrases have been changed, typos found, etc. I was so close to it after looking at it for three years, that I could not see the tree OR the forest. All I saw was the need to get the thing done on time with the recommended corrections.

So now I am doing this for ME.

The next project will be Book Two of the series . I want to have all the changed to the first two books done before I go to Europe in November. If there are corrections after that it will vecause I found new information while visiting Florence.

I am writing a third book, only marginally related to the first two. I want to have that done by the spring.

Wish me luck.

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