Wednesday, January 14, 2009

A New Year: Resolutions and all that

I just checked my Blog for the first time in ages. Sorry that it has been so long, especially for all those of you who are starved for details about the inner workings of my life. (Uh-huh.)

OK, here are my Resolutions:

1) Blog more regularly,
2) Finish editing my second book of my Medici series (it is almost finished),
3) Finish the third book I am writing ( 6 chapters in),
4) Complete the new gown I am making for the SCA (Lacing holes or rings and hem the skirt),
5) Finish applying for my PhD program (How do I explain a research project?),
6) Lose some weight (OY!),
7) Eat better (see above),
8) Excercise (ditto),
9) Find and agent (PLEASE, Lord!),
10) Sell my book and have it published (See above!).

Of course the challenge is to actually do something about these Resolutions and not just talk about them. The first eight of these are things over which I have complete control. Numbers 9 and 10, not so much. It is the luck of the draw.

Now, lest you believe I am a person who has been sitting around waiting for life to happen, let me tell you about my past few months.

The carpet was FINALLY installed two weeks before Christmas. It took four (count 'em) four tries. I actually invited the woman who kept me abreast of this mess for the carpet installation company to visit over Thanksgiving since she had become my new best friend. But it is done. Looks great.

The kitchen is almost finished. Just a bit of trim on the ceiling, and it will look like something out of Architectural Digest. Well, maybe Better Homes and Gardens. It is a small house.

We went to Europe. Florence, some other parts of Italy and Germany. I would have been happy to stay in Florence forever, but I'd promised Paul his birthday in Germany. The time in Florence was spent in a Seminar about Historical; clothing, which focused (drum roll, please) on the Medici. I was in heaven. I promise to post a long essay on that soon. Stay tuned.

I was elected as the President of the Long Island Romance Writers-- Chapter 160 of the RWA. Our first meeting of the year-- and my first as President-- will be on this coming Saturday with the lovely and talented, super-agent Ms. Janet Reid.

We settled our Union contract at school. This was a real trial to those of us on the committee, but the people from the UFT and the members of our Committee were wonderful, patient and a very professional. My heartfelt thanks to all of them, especially Britta Wheeler, our Chapter leader.

I finished re-editing my thesis novel and sent it out. I am VERY happy about this! (Snoopy dance inserted here.)

I read a bunch of books. Sherrilyn Kennyon's ACHERON (awesome) and One Silent Night.
Barbara Miller's new book MUSIC MASTER-- a sweet Regency. Since she is a friend and Mentor, I keep visualizing her as she wrote this. Four Regencies from Barbara Metzgar.
Well, you get the idea. I love to see thet TBR pile get smaller. There are so many books, so little time!

Anyway, enough for now. I will be back. SOON!

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