Thursday, July 03, 2008

Email Hell

Just for starters, I have run an Norton live update and a virus scan before sending this out. This is a follow-up post from my post this morning.

SIGH. Remember how I was so proud that I used used all of yesterday to get in my requested submissions?

Well, I got a note from an agent first thing this morning that she had gotten my email submission-- 175 times.
I sent her a note that I was sorry and would look into it.

Then I called Cablevision, my provider, and talked to them. They were not much help. But then what can they do?

THEN I got another email from the agent saying "Please stop sending the email." (Is she serious? As if I would shoot myself in the foot that way!) So, the upshot of the story is that I now get the bouncebacks from her mailbox. She blocked me from more emails.

Do you think this means I've been rejected? {:-P

1 comment:

The Tuesday Girls said...

This email hell is TUUUUUE much. We hope the problem gets fixed. Must be a loop of some kind, we'd say...