Sunday, June 29, 2008

I am a Graduate!

Today I graduated from Seton Hill College/ University for the second time. This time I received an MA in Writing Popular Fiction.

Thanks once again to Lee McClain and Al Wendland, Barbara Miller and Leslie Davis Guccione, Tim Esaias and Mike Arnzen, Rich Snyder, Emilie Bishop, Jennifer Hoffman, Aubrey Curry and Stephanie Splater for all the help, input and love as teachers, mentors and crit partners. And to all my friends, grads and fellow students, my gratitude.

Special thanks to my wonderful husband Paul for hauling himself to Greensburg PA for this big event in my life.

Tomorrow we will return to life as we know it.

The next day I begin to write for real.

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The Tuesday Girls said...

CONGRATS again!! Had a blast at dinner -- let's make it a tradition every Res!

The Tuesday Girls